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HOWTO: Create / use SSL certificates for apache server with strato and
03-07-2015, 06:22 PM,
HOWTO: Create / use SSL certificates for apache server with strato and
I am starting to use SSL-certificates bought at

These certificates I am using to enable certified SSL-connections to my webpages.

This is howto:

1: On the server: create a new private key and csr

Go to the server, in the system-area of the site run the command:
openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout myserver.key -out server.csr
In here fill in the necessary info, especially the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) which needs to start with "www."

Next go to Versio and in the "SSL certificaten" section, by a "Domein validatie" certificate.

In this process you need to fill in a CSR code. This is generated on the server with the openssl command. Just copy-paste the contents of the server.csr file.
Next page you need to confirm. Please check the domain is correct and starts with www.

The process of creating a certificate will start and you will get some mails confirming the creation and executing the certificate. Most important is that you will receive a zip file containing the certificates.

The zip file is unzipped and needed later on in the process.

In plesk, under domainen you can go to the domain you want to secure.
Go to the Hosting beheer and there to hostinginstellingen.

In Hosting beheer you can select "Uw site beveiligen"
Go in here and add a SSL-certificate.
I name the certificate: domainname_versio

Then I upload the certificate as text.
First: Private key - to be found in the directory the openssl command was executed, name: myserver.key
In the zip-file, named: www_domain_com.cert
CA certificate:
In the zip-file named: CA_Root.cert

Submit and the certificate is in plesk

Then go to the domain and "hosting instellingen", and select the certificate under SSL-ondersteuning.

That's it.

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